Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Investors assemble

Investors, have you ever lost money because the classroom you paid for is broken into?

Do you worry about its safety?

The Digital-Lock Door helps keep valuables safe. It is made up of recyclable materials, which are cheap and easy to obtain.

You will be Saving Your Time, Saving Your Money, Saving The Earth and Saving Your Valuables!

Introducing the Digital-Lock Door

Introducing the Digital-Lock Door

Have you ever experienced a scenario where a thief breaks into a classroom?
Are you worried that it might happen again?

Well, fear no more as the Digital-Lock Door is here to save the day and definitely your valuables!

There are many kinds of classroom theft. The main reason for it is the thief walks past the classroom, sees the valuables lying around on a table and is tempted to steal them.

Therefore we have come up with an idea to prevent or lessen this problem!

The Digital-Lock Door is able to record and send a video of the thief breaking in to your phone!